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Trying to find a pest control company in your area? Exterminator Pros was created to help homeowners find the best, local exterminators. Our free service includes a network of contractors and a dispatch center.

Each day, we connect hundreds of customers with reliable pest control and exterminator professionals and we're confident we can help you too!

  • 1. Give us a Call

    Contact our 24-hour dispatch center. Tell our friendly operators about your pest problem and what issues you're having.

  • 2. Schedule Service

    Nest, if we have a pest control expert near you, our team will instantly connect you with a local exterminator to book your inspection.

  • 3. Pest Treatment

    If you decide to proceed after the inspection, your exterminator will provide price options and take the steps needed to remove the pests.

Call Exterminator Pros today at (888) 706-6384 to learn more about our pest control services in your area.